My Top 5 Reasons for Becoming a Coach

top 5 reasons


If you’re going to follow me as a coach, then I wanted to be sure you knew WHY I’m doing this. WHY I decided to become a coach and share my journeys on Facebook and  IG.  Please know my reasons don’t work for everyone, and I’ll always be SO thankful for the great teachers that have taught my kids (the career I have given up). But for me, here are my top 5 reasons (will you make it to #5?):

1) I love fitness and want to be a good role model to my kids with healthy living. They see me working out every day and want to be active themselves. When they work out with me, or climb the rock wall with determination, or run races and do their best, I am SO proud. I want to pass on a healthy lifestyle to them, and by being a coach, working out and eating healthy are part of my job description. 🙂

2) I want flexibility with my daily schedule and to be able to travel. I used to be a teacher, and while I loved it, you are locked into the school schedule. It was hard to take days off, and it was a big pain in the rear to get plans written for a substitute in my absence. Traveling is my family’s passion, and if you’re the teacher, you can’t really do this unless the school is on break. So asking to travel when I wanted would’ve been out of the question. As a parent, though, I don’t mind taking my kids out for a few days here and there to show them the world. That’s an education in itself. Now I just say, “When are we going?”

I also want more flexibility and less stress in my home life. I used to stay up at night with such bad anxiety over going back to teaching. My biggest professional anxiety was about not being prepared, and I don’t want to think about my mental state or how I’d deal with my kids staying home sick when I still was expected to teach, or if they had days off school and I didn’t. BAH! Now it’s not a problem. I just say, “You can stay home sick with me,” or “What are we doing today?” on their days off. There’s no stress knowing they’re taken care of.

3) I want to be able to be completely present for my kids. That means volunteering in their classrooms, going on field trips, being able to pick them up from school, and spending time with them before and after school with no stress. There’s never a time that I have to stay late or go in early or spend time working on the weekends (all of which were parts of the anxieties I’d replay over and over in my head when I was supposed to be sleeping).  All of my work is done from home, so I can work when I want and not have it impact my time with my kids.  And if I do need to “work” while the kids are home, that’s OK because I am still around and can attend to their needs.

4) I thrive when I’m around positive people. It’s a part of my love language. The coaches on our team are energetic, positive, looking to continue improving themselves, and it’s a culture of helping each other (not cut throat competition). And everyone that joins our challenges is excited to make healthy changes in their lives, and when they do, it’s so inspiring, empowering, and motivating. Their lives are transformed! Who wouldn’t want to be around that atmosphere?

5) Last but not least…YOU ALL STILL READING THIS. Thank you. YOU are the reason I decided to coach. What I gained from my own journey was something I had to pay forward to you all. When I went through my transformation, I gained so much confidence in myself. I realized what I could accomplish and how that made me feel alive. It helped me stop doubting myself and allowing self-critical thoughts to roam wild in my mind. And I had to pay that forward, because that’s true freedom. We all need a little freedom, don’t we?

Can you relate to any of these reasons? Do you need a little freedom and flexibility in your life? Would you like to have more self-confidence? I’d love to chat with you about my next challenge or joining our Fit Tribe United team 🙂 Simply message me through the form below or contact me on Facebook or Instagram.